3 August 2022
+20°C PCM in packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical sector

DPG Intelsius supplies an extensive, innovative range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions to clients within the pharmaceutical and life science industries. The technical team at Intelsius develops cold chain packaging for vital deliveries, such as valuable medicinal products. Coolpack is an Intelsius partner, and supplies +20 °C Phase Change Material shape-retaining temperature elements. In this article, Renan Zorer, Business Development Executive at Intelsius, tells you a little more about Intelsius and the partnership with Coolpack.


Intelsius: packaging specialist for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries

Intelsius was founded in 1988 under the guise ‘DPG Group’. All manner of changes have occurred at this innovative company, yet its vision in being the market leader in eco-conscious solutions for temperature-controlled, regulated transport has always stayed uppermost in mind.

Among others, the Intelsius product range includes solutions for temperature-controlled transportation of susceptible goods. The client base is established in the medical and life science industries. Read on to see how Coolpack’s Phase Change Material is applied to Intelsius products, and why PCM supplied by Coolpack was the preferred choice.

Phase Change Material in the Intelsius Pharmatherm Pallet

“We have a large client base within pharmaceutical and life sciences that transports high value goods. As such, a stable temperature is vitally important. The PCM cooling elements supplied by Coolpack that we use for our Pharmatherm Pallet CRT 15°C to 25°C , feature an exceptionally accurate solidification point and high energy storage, as opposed to, say, water-based formulas. This ensures high temperature stability during transportation and renders the Pharmatherm Pallet efficient: indeed, as opposed to other alternatives relatively fewer cooling elements are needed to attain the same temperature safeguarding results,” explains Renan.

This differentiates Coolpack’s Phase Change Material products from those of other suppliers. As such, the cooling elements dovetail well with the objectives of Intelsius Germany towards sustainable cold chain solutions. The Phase Change Material with a solidification point at +20 degrees Celsius is primarily used by clients at pharmaceutical and clinical test centres.

Collaboration between Intelsius and Coolpack

Renan decided on Coolpack via the British Intelsius HQ. Products were formerly delivered from the UK to Germany, but with the opening of the new branch in the latter a direct collaboration between Intelsius and Coolpack proved the next logical step. “Together we are looking at developing solutions for the German pharmaceutical market. I particularly appreciate the open, transparent communication during our collaborations with Coolpack. The team at Coolpack always do their utmost to provide an appropriate solution at the best price. We are able to interact smoothly and deliveries are promptly realised,” says Renan.

Would you like to know more about PCM within healthcare?

Learn more about Intelsius on their website. Curious about the possibilities Phase Change Material offers within healthcare? If so, please get in touch for advice.