PCM and Food

Food products such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, dairy and prepared meals are perishable and temperature sensitive. To limit waste due to mold and bacterial growth, food is often stored and transported refrigerated or frozen. Looking for a solution at a specific temperature? Coolants with Phase Change Material are the solution!


Preventing food waste thanks to PCM

Phase Change Material solutions are already widely used within the food industry. Think of adding frozen gel packs at -21°C to bridge long transports, but also adding cooling plates to refrigerator shelves in the supermarket to reduce energy consumption.  

Phase Change Materials have a validated recipe that makes them a reliable source of cooling or heating. The solidification or melting point of PCM is the temperature that is held the longest, i.e. during the entire period that the Phase Change Material is changing phase. In this way, your food products remain within the correct temperature range for a long time and spoilage is delayed. Failure rates will be drastically reduced.

Are you curious about the possibilities of Phase Change Material for keeping your products at the right temperature without being directly dependent on electricity? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.


Advantages of Phase Change Material

High energy storage

The thermal storage is highest around the solidification/melting point

Temperature Stability

Remains at the temperature of the melting point until PCM completely changes phase

Accurately determined

By adapting the recipe according to proven standards

Cooling or heating without an external source

No on-site (electrical) cooling or heating required

Reliable solutions

Constant, proven effectiveness for vital sectors, among others


Extended use of renewable energy through storage and reuse.


PCM for the Food Industry

Refrigerated transport is common in the food industry, mainly because refrigeration slows down the spoilage process and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The most popular PCM solution is our cooled Phase Change Material with a melting and solidifying point at +5 °C. Frozen transport is also common in the food market.


Hydrated Salts

Phase Change Temp (°C)


Latent heat (kJ/kg)

290 kJ/kg

-18°C PCM

Clear liquid with white sediment @25 °C


Organic Mixture

Phase Change Temp (°C)


Latent heat (kJ/kg)

271 kJ/kg

+5°C PCM

Transparent liquid @25 °C

Subbranches Food

When we talk about food, we mean both fresh vegetables from the land and already prepared food products. But cooling can also be important for drinks to ensure shelf life. By cooling or freezing food products, they can be used longer and waste is prevented.

Dairy products

Frozen products

Fruit and vegetables

Meat and fish

Non-fermented drinks


Transport frozen food products at -21°C with PCM

Brother and sister Koon and Jennifer Ho are at the helm of a large production company of authentic and modern Chinese dishes, which originated from their father’s eatery in Amsterdam. In the corona crisis, Jennifer started Dimsummen.nl: a webshop with which consumers could also enjoy Dim Sum at home. These are small dishes from Chinese cuisine, also known as the tapas of China. These are shipped frozen, with Phase Change Material gel packs from Coolpack! Read in this case study how they approach the frozen transport of food to consumers.


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