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Phase Change Material is also useful in making spaces and buildings more sustainable. The implementation of sustainable cooling elements or the right heating elements can result in effective energy saving.


Saving energy: good for the environment and your wallet

Phase Change Material is a material that with tweaks to its formula can very accurately determine the melting/solidification point. As such, it is often used in cooling & heating elements that, due to high energy storage levels, can ensure a stable temperature.

PCM technology is particularly used and well-known within the medicinal and food transport sectors, but is now on the increase in appliances too. For instance, in setting up cold stores or warm rooms, and when optimising energy consumption in supermarket chilled food sections.
The ways in which PCM can save on energy and reliably regulate temperature are innumerable. How much spoilage will you prevent by using PCM?


Advantages of Phase Change Material

High energy storage

The thermal storage is highest around the solidification/melting point

Temperature Stability

Remains at the temperature of the melting point until PCM completely changes phase

Accurately determined

By adapting the recipe according to proven standards

Cooling or heating without an external source

No on-site (electrical) cooling or heating required

Reliable solutions

Constant, proven effectiveness for vital sectors, among others


Extended use of renewable energy through storage and reuse.


Using PCM with appliances

PCM as independent back-up in the cold store Chilled transport is commonplace within the food sector, primarily because cooling slows down the spoilage process and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The most popular solution is our chilled Phase Change Material with a melting and solidification point at +5 °C. Frozen transport also occurs within the food sector.


Hydrated Salts

Phase Change Temp (°C)


Latent heat (kJ/kg)

264 kJ/kg

-30°C PCM

Watery suspension liquid @25 °C


Organic Mixture

Phase Change Temp (°C)


Latent heat (kJ/kg)

271 kJ/kg

+5°C PCM

Transparent liquid @25 °C

Subbranches Installation





PCM as an independent back-up in a cold room

A cold store is the ideal place to store temperature-sensitive, perishable items like food and pharmaceutical products such as vaccines at the right temperature. Cold stores, or cold rooms, use energy and should the electricity supply fail for whatever reason, the temperature inside can only be maintained for 2 hours. In this case study we discuss how Phase Change Material can extend this ‘back-up period’ to 32 hours, giving ample time to ‘save’ the temperature-sensitive products. Plus, how this can result in an annual energy saving per cold room of around €1.944! 


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