PCM AND Logistics

Ensuring an effective cold chain: this is crucial in maintaining quality throughout the logistics chain. During storage and transport. Phase Change Material enables you to retain the preferred temperature, both on-site and on the road, irrespective of external conditions.


Ineffective safeguarding of the cold chain results in spoilage

Remarkably, an estimated 30% of vaccines are wasted by a problem in the cold chain. The cold chain entails keeping products at a given temperature throughout the logistics process. Unfortunately, this wastage doesn’t merely occur during vaccination storage and transport; it occurs with many other temperature-sensitive products too.

That said, implementation of a sound cold chain needn’t be difficult. By establishing proper transport processes, ensuring back-ups and appropriate storage facilities, highly accurate temperature safeguarding can be achieved … and Phase Change Material can help you do so.

How, you ask? Phase Change Material refers to materials that transitions in phase, yet during this transition stays at the melting/solidification point temperature. By tweaking the PCM formula, this can be brought to a solidification point range of between 65 °C and +89 °C. We offer numerous PCM solutions, to help effectively safeguard your cold chain too.


Advantages of Phase Change Material

High energy storage

The thermal storage is highest around the solidification/melting point

Temperature Stability

Remains at the temperature of the melting point until PCM completely changes phase

Accurately determined

By adapting the recipe according to proven standards

Cooling or heating without an external source

No on-site (electrical) cooling or heating required

Reliable solutions

Constant, proven effectiveness for vital sectors, among others


Extended use of renewable energy through storage and reuse.


PCM for logistical processes

Within logistics, challenges arise in relation to frozen transport. Continuous chilled transport is sustainably possible by using Phase Change Material with a solidification point of -30 °C.


Hydrated Salts

Phase Change Temp (°C)


Latent heat (kJ/kg)

264 kJ/kg

-30°C PCM

Watery suspension liquid @25 °C


Hydrated Salts

Phase Change Temp (°C)


Latent heat (kJ/kg)

290 kJ/kg

-18°C PCM

Clear liquid with white sediment @25 °C


Hydrated Salts

Phase Change Temp (°C)

22 °C

Latent heat (kJ/kg)

190 kJ/kg

+22 °C PCM

Brown / grey colored liquid @25 °C

Subbranches Logistics

In actual fact, logistics processes pertain to all temperature-sensitive products, be that food, medicine, live insects or blood samples. Both during storage and transport.

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PCM as a solution for perishable goods transport in aviation

20% of perishable shipments are unusable after transport because the cold chain is not properly maintained. In this article we highlight opportunities and challenges in the air transport of perishable goods and take you through the best ways to transport your goods fresh by air in different situations. Let’s get to it!


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